Tailored packaging

In doypack, box, tea bag or loose, tea packaging and over-packaging are often the first contact with a brand towards its customers.

Un conditionnement pour chaque occasion

A Packaging for every occasion

Whether teas are commercialized in shops, coffees, hotels or restaurants, each consumption moment requires appropriate packaging sharing our customer’s values to their consumers.

Here is a short introduction of most common packaging:

Teas and herbal teas in doypack

Teas and herbal teas in doypack:

The right solution for shops offering loose tea. Doypacks have various capacities, all appropriate for identified needs.

Les thés et infusions en boites métalliques

Teas and herbal teas in tin boxes:

Qualitative packaging and highly appreciated, tin boxes ensure tea preservation while highlight it. Herbapac offers various solutions regarding shapes, capacities or colors and personalization.

Teas and herbal teas in carton

Teas and herbal teas in carton:

Daily partner for several consumers, cardboard tea including tea flowpacks is a recognized best-seller on the market. Herbapac offers various adaptive solutions to each place of consumption.

Pyramidal teabags with or without envelop

Pyramidal teabags with or without envelop:

Easy to use and aesthetic, these tea bags offer many consumption occasions. From the classic rectangular 2g with personalized tag to a more original pyramidal 6g, Herbapac offers to its customers qualitative solutions.

Ready to consume

Ready to consume:

In wood, carton with 4 to 10 compartments, needs can vary depending on consumption contexts. Herbapac develops with its clients recognized solutions and validated for their efficiency. Besides, Herbapac also works with a local ESAT to create kits delivered ready-to-use to their customers.

Le prêt à vendre

Store display:

To guarantee successful promotions, Herbapac teams are able to offer different packaging solutions.