Know-how in research & development

The Herbapac team relies on 3 skills:

  • expertise in packaging 
  • know-how for new recipes
  • knowledge of regulation in France and abroad

Since the beginning of your project, our team located in France near Strasbourg works with retroplanning in order to respect your deadlines. You will enjoy a dedicated interlocutor who will listen to you for the duration of your project.

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Expertise in packaging

Are you thinking about a specific packaging for your teas?

Since the Herbapack's birth in 2008, we offer some of the most advanced packaging of the market. Today, the factory has:

  • two production lines for 2g tea bags,
  • one production line for pyramidal and rectangular teas bags without shell,
  • a production line for boxes,
  • an automatic production line for tea bags from 60g to 1kg,
  • a manual pocket workshop.

Herbapac also works with a local ESAT (a french association developing job opportunities for the disabled persons) to make kits. Each packaging project is considered with close attention. Our expertise for the japanese market allows us to offer you packaging solutions answering to most strict regulations in terms of hygiene.

Knowledge of regulation in France and abroad

Knowledge of regulation in France and abroad

Are you looking for various teas development with specific flavours? From their origin and tea grade to visual decorations, consumers will see limitless possibilities when opening the box.

If you trust on our R&D team to create your teas, you ensure your project thanks to a solid team with recognized experts for their serious and commitment. In this laboratory, our team works every day for creating prestigious teas for exigent clients.

Quality first

Quality first

Offering high range teas with fine packaging is not a guarantee to success on the market. Many regulation complications exist in France and abroad. Located in France, Herbapac has a strong knowledge of the French regulation.

The Herbapac team can also contact the relevant authorities for its customers to find information regarding regulation in targeted countries.