Tailored recipes

Fruity, flowery, tasty, black, green, with our without decoration, possibilities are endless. The success of a recipe depends on several factors we have to consider during your project.

la future recette de vos consommateurs

This is the future recipe of your consumers:

Recipes we develop for our clients must, first of all, meet their customer’s expectations, who drink these teas or herbal teas. Are customers French, feminine or masculine and Asian? What sensations are looked for?
These keys elements permit to conceive the DNA of the future tea or herbal tea recipe.

The fundamental components: Selected teas and infusions

To perfectly meet with customer’s expectations, Herbapac teams will select ideal tea varieties. Criteria taken into account are for instance geographic origins, types of tea, and also grades.

Les composantes fondamentales: Les thés et infusions sélectionnés
Le savoir-faire aromatique

The flavoring know-how

Key step in the project, the flavoring requires extreme accuracy. Our development team will identify and test appropriate ingredients. Flowers, fruits or even vegetables, natural flavors are all potential possibilities. As an orchestra, this subtle dosing has to be built to deliver the perfect symphony of flavors.

Le spectacle des yeux

A show for your eyes

A good tea or herbal tea also has to look good. Before tasting, the tea has to be observed and smelled. A close attention is dedicated to colors, which bring the main tea color. Decorative elements such as toffee pieces or dry fruits can be added to reinforce the tasting experience.

Les dégustations

The tasting

Before offering prototypes of tea, many tasting are organized in-house. Then comes time to exchange and share impressions to adapt the recipe if needed. Once validated, the recipe is ready to be commercialized because aliment consumption had been verified before.