Our Know-how your project

The markets and trends' diversity leads to the search for advanced solutions to best meet your needs.

One need, several solutions


You are a specialized or global retailer, an exporter… You probably have a specific need. The market diversity definitely needs a tailored solution that Herbapac can provide. What type of tea, which packaging, which certifications…

Some questions Herbapac can help you with:


Tailor-made acompaniment


Recipes created for you

You probably want to commercialize some teas and herbal teas. From a mint green tea to a salted butter toffee Oolong, from classic teas to organic ones, Herbapac offers hundreds of tailored solutions for its customers.

Specific packaging for your markets

Your distribution network requires doypacks or tea bags? Herbapac's expertise is to offer you flexible solutions adapted to your industry and business.


A market regulations knowledge

French or international markets have important specificities. Consumption is increasing, however consumers are mostly looking for quality. Herbapac is able to look for qualitative teas from various grades and origins. You will always be sure you are allowed to commercialize your product.

Your project, our priority

To ensure the success of your next tea range, Herbapac relies on a flexible project team, able to respond to your requests with professionalism and exigence.

First step consists in understanding your issues. What type of product? Which delays? Which quantities? On which market?
Every market or country has its own constraints. For instance, some teas commercialized in Europe are not allowed to be sold in France. Also, Herbapac is one of the only actors on the market able to understand your objectives on selling a tea range worldwide.
Second step is to study feasibility of each reference, including creating samples if required.
Herbapac goes with you also on graphic design in order to meet market and customers expectations.


Agile methods

And a real commitment to the success of your project.

Issues & needs

Taking into account your issues and needs.

Tailor-made advice

We advise you on materials, types of teas...

Rigorous feasibility studies

Test and pre-production if necessary, development ...