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Major actor of the production chain, the packaging agent carries out the check, packing and labelling of the tea and herbal teas.
He supplies the lines with raw material but also cardboard according to the production schedule and packages the product according to the customer’s requests.
The operator may have to package the tea under different forms such as metal boxes, individual bags (2g), pockets or doypack.
A true guarantor of the customer’s satisfaction, he ensures the quality of our products from the beginning to the end of the production process respecting the hygiene and safety standards imposed by the food-processing sector as well as the customer’s specifications.
The packaging agent knows the targets of quality as well as the sense of its function within the production line. As a member of a team, he demonstrates listening skills, attention, and a good understanding of hygiene rules. With good manual skills, he must also show dynamism to keep up the rate of the production lines, especially during high season.



At Herbapac, the transformation process of teas and herbal teas is realized within our company. Our supervisors and operators in charge of the process strictly follow the recipes and instructions when making the products in order to guarantee the quality of the tea and the harmony of tastes.
Thus, they are able to mix tea, natural flavours and decorations (flower petals, dried fruits, …) to guarantee the customer an harmonious taste experience. It ensures compliance with the hygiene, quality and safety standards imposed by the food-processing sector and the customer’s specifications.
The blending operator must therefore have a good understanding of the importance of its function in the process of preparing tea and herbal teas. He must show dexterity and precision to make our tea an exceptional product.





The forklift operator is a professional technician of the handling. As such, within Herbapac, he’s in charge of the handling of the goods, products and raw materials in our storage building respecting the hygiene and safety standards.
One of the roles of the forklift operator is to supply the different lines according to the production schedule (raw material and packaging) in compliance with handling gestures and postures. He updates and follows the stocks so that each tea and herbal tea can be produced and shipped to the customer on time.
The forklift operator is the guarantor of the proper reception, shipping, storage and control of the conformity of the goods. As such, he must be orderly, precise, have a logical mind and good adaptability in order to organize and optimize storage spaces.





At Herbapac, the product’s quality is a fundamental value. Just like a grand cru of wine, we want our customers to have a unique experience with every cup. That’s why we control our products from the reception of the raw materials to the finished product before its shipping.
Our quality controllers evaluate each day the visual, the smell and taste of the teas and herbal teas we produce in order to guarantee the compliance with the recipes and the specifications of the customer.
Guarantor of the brand image, they perfectly know the teas and herbal teas and everything that can go into their composition as well as all the hygiene, safety, traceability standards.
They are rigorous, reliable, reactive, have a sense of organization and respect the quality-control techniques.

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métiers et offres d'emplois herbapac,métiers,emplois

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