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The packing is a key element in the highlighting and preservation of your product. In pocket, box, bag or ready to sell, the packaging and over-packaging of teas and herbal teas are often the first points of contact of a brand with its customers.

herbapac thés consommateurs

A packaging for

each occasion

Whether it is about marketing teas or herbal teas in shops, cafes/hotels/restaurants… every occasion of consumption requires appropriate packagings worthy of the values our customers wants to deliver to their consumers.

Here is a short presentation of the main realizations as regards packaging:

Teas & herbal teas in pockets and/or Doypack

Ideal solution for shops proposing bulk goods. The proposed pockets have several contents all appropriate to the identified needs.

The teas & herbal teas in metal tin boxes

Qualitative and very popular packagings, the metal tin boxes enable to preserve the tea by highlighting it. . Herbapac proposes multiple solutions in terms of form, content or even choice of colours.

The teas & herbal teas in cardboard boxes

Partner of the daily life for many consumers, the cardboard tea box including small bags is a best-seller recognized on the market. Herbapac proposes various solutions adapted to each consuming environment.

The pyramidal or rectangular bags

with or without envelope

Practical and aesthetic, the proposed bags offer multiple occasions of consumption. From the classic rectangular 2g with customized Tag to the most original 6g pyramidal, Herbapac proposes to its customers qualitative solutions.

The ready to consume

In wood, cardboard with 4, 6, 8, 10 compartments, the needs can vary according to the consumption contexts. Herbapac studies with its customers solutions recognized and validated for their efficiency. Moreover, Herbapac works also with an ESAT of the region (Institution helping handicapped persons through the work) for the confection of turnkey gift boxes delivered to its customers.

The ready to sell

To guarantee successful highlighting in the shops, the Herbapac teams are capable to propose over-packagings type “ready to sell”, ideal for the periodic highlighting in shops.

The seasonal events

We propose custom-made solutions for seasonal and/or specific events such as the Advent calendar.