Regulation and quality expertise

A tea or an herbal tea always takes into consideration regulatory regulations before being commercialized.

The quality as guideline

The quality as guideline:

In addition of regulation requirements, Herbapac is in a voluntary process of certifications. Besides the IFS certification, our company is also able to offer organic teas.


IFS Food

To export your teas and herbal teas:

Every day in the world, more than 2 billion cups of tea are drunk. Every country has its own food regulations. Herbapac is your partner in your project of developing sales across the world. Key points are recipe of course, but also packaging and labelling.

Pour exporter vos thés et infusions
A guarantee for the French market

A guarantee for the French market:

Based in France, Herbapac has a strong knowledge of regulation requirements of the market. Recipes, packaging, tags all respond to national market expectations.
This rigorous work ensures Herbapac custoimers to commercialize their range of teas and herbal teas in France in all serenity.